Where am I?

I have been on a pregnancy and birth journey. I’m sorry to have been missing for so very long. The journey has been marked by hills, along with their coinciding valleys, which culminated in the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Olive Wren. Our journey began almost exactly a year ago, on Labor Day 2010, when two lines appeared on a home pregnancy test! The fall and winter were exciting, yet also marked by severe all day sickness. I took comfort knowing that my hormones were very strong with the pregnancy, but also wondered at how much sicker I felt with this pregnancy than with my first. February was tumultuous in that I came down with appendicitis, and underwent surgery to have the offender removed. At 25 weeks pregnant, it was quite a roller coaster. Most often people want to know if I was scared. I was scared, but painkillers certainly dulled my emotions. Our friends and family surrounded us with love and prayer, and thankfully we both came out safe on the other side of surgery, just appendix-less. All day sickness continued throughout the duration of pregnancy, and I really focused on spending time as our family of three, as I knew that our daughter’s arrival would change everything.

We had a beautiful, uplifting labor that we spent together as a family of three, and Olive arrived early on a Sunday in May at Infinity Birthing Center. Our family is a little larger, but not large, and we are absolutely on cloud nine watching our children grow, learn, and love.

I hope to incorporate posts from our personal pregnancy journey in the next few months, so stay tuned. And for now, August 2011, I am not able to serve as a doula. Breastfeeding a three month old and doula-ing are not compatible for me. However, I have some wonderful doulas I can refer you to, and I hope to continue to bring you information about healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn-ness during this doula hiatus. Thank you for being a friend.

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