Nitrous Oxide on it’s way back to the US market for laboring women

I was thrilled to have heard this on the radio news report yesterday! In the past year I have had more than a few clients asking me about it’s availability for their hospital births. Laughing gas takes the edge off of labor pain, can be self-administered, and is covered by insurance. It could take the middle ground between an epidural or nothing at all. Laughing gas is used commonly in the UK and Canada to help women cope with labor pains, but it is currently only in two hospitals in the US.

That’s about to change. Special recognition to Vanderbilt Nurse Midwife Michelle Collins for her quote in the article and undoubtedly the many hours of work she has logged getting this change to occur. Vanderbilt patients, it sounds like the road for laughing gas has been paved, and you could reap it’s benefits during your labor soon (purely my inference on reading the article).

So here’s the full article from abc news: Not Just for the Dentist: Nitrous Oxide Returning to Delivery Rooms .

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2 Responses to Nitrous Oxide on it’s way back to the US market for laboring women

  1. priscilla says:

    oh hallelujah! that makes me so happy!

    here’s another question for you… if i were to request my medical records from vandy, would i be able to see exactly what anesthesiologist shane gave me before going on for my section? i want to know the name of the drug in the UNLIKELY event that i would need a c-section next time around.

    • Annie says:

      Good question! I don’t have your answer, but next time you go in for a well-woman visit and you see your favorite midwife, I would ask her. Straight to the source!

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