Greater Rights for TN Breastfeeding Moms: Your Action Needed

Thanks to the hard work of a few individuals and organizations, a State Bill, introduced by State Senator Mike Faulk, is set to eliminate the age restriction on the current breastfeeding bill (currently at 12 months). Here, an article by The Tennessean about the bill in general and a video clip about the benefits of breastfeeding.

What you can do: until the bill goes up before the health committee (probably later this February or March), contact your local state legislator and ask them to support SB0083. After the bill goes before the health committee members, we then need to contact those members directly. Stay tuned.

POST EDIT 2/9/2011: This bill needs positive support ASAP. Contact Senator Faulk’s office at (615) 741-2061 and tell him you support SBSB0083.

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