In honor of National Breastfeeding Week

Of course, National Breastleaking is a flashier title, but of course not as politically correct or official sounding.

And so, as a small tribute to the monumental art of breastfeeding we have new research to encourage weary moms through breastfeeding: BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS GET MORE SLEEP. Often doctors and families trying to keep postpartum mood disorders at bay encourage breastfeeding mothers to not nurse at night or to formula feed at night, or to completely switch to formula feeding. The thought is that sleep deprivation is a risk factor to postpartum depression. And so, if we can get this new mother any more sleep, let’s do it. And the best way is to stop nursing at night, by hook or by crook. So this is where the research is so important. It proves that breastfeeding moms get more sleep than their formula or mixed feeding counterparts.

Yes, this has been a loosely written, non factually based article. I encourage you to go to science& to read the factually sound, well-researched article Nighttime Breastfeeding and Maternal Mental Health.

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