Can’t my supportive partner act as my Doula?

This is what I thought.  I thought I could save money and not hire a doula.  After all, my husband, mom and best friend were all going to be present and my labor and birth.  Surely they could cover it.  And they did a great job.  My son was born with minimal intervention and without medication.  Yet after realizing all that a doula can do, I realize now that next time I will have a doula.  A doula does not replace your supportive partner, she only augments their capabilities.  It is expecting a lot from any partner for them to remember all that you have learned in childbirth education class and through books and utilize during the fast-paced, adrenaline rush of labor.  A doula can be as involved with you as you would like, but she can also be there to provide suggestions for your partner to implement.  These suggestions can be comfort measures as well as measures to help offset potential labor challenges, such as poor presentation or slowing labor.  My labor coaches were tremendous, and I certainly would not have persevered with natural childbirth if it hadn’t been for my cheerleaders.  Yet I recognize the touch that a doula would have had that could have augmented their work.

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  1. Cara McMillin says:

    When my sister-in-law delivered her babies she used a doula and loved it. Having a doula enabled her husband to totally focus on loving and supporting her, while the doula worked as the liaison between them and the hospital staff making sure that their birthing plan was followed. No husband/wife should have to fight for what they want or be forced into a hasty decision during labor. Doulas can get you the space you need to make the right choice and make sure that the medical staff respects that decision. It also allows the husband to stay by his wife’s side throughout the whole process without distraction.

  2. Wendi says:

    I totally know what you mean when you say that you are not sure you would have continued with nautral child birth if it hadn’t been for your birthing team. That is exactly how I feel. My doula, husband, and midwives were amazing and I was able to deliver a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby boy with no medical intervention. My doula encouraged me to keep switching positions and to rest between contractions. She reminded me to keep breathing. All things I was to tired and overwhelmed to remember. She also encouraged my husband by giving him reassuring looks and telling him that everything that I was going through and doing was completely normal. Doulas Rock. I’m psyched for you Annie.

  3. jarad says:

    my wife and i were “totally committed” to a natural childbirth. spent ten thousand hours in classes. worked with a great OB. As first-timers, we were still so unsure about everything. we hired a doula and met her the day before we delivered. Those reassuring looks- man -worth any price! we were able to ride the uncertainty and chaos and power and beauty of the labor and delivery without having to worry if all this earth shaking stuff was “healthy”. studies show that intervention rates drop dramatically if there is a woman who has delivered naturally in the room with the ones laboring. doulas rock!

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