How are you protecting our earth for your progeny?

Happy Earth Day! In honor of this beautiful day, and all the meaning behind it, I post this in honor of our future children. What are you doing in the present to help protect the future? Here’s a short list of ideas that are easy to implement to take small steps to make an impact:

  • collect recycling; collect neighbors recycling
  • use washable rags instead of paper towels to clean
  • use reusable containers instead of disposable
  • use washable towels instead of paper towels in the kitchen
  • cloth diaper, or my favorite, hybrid gdiapers
  • reuse or repurpose found items to furnish your home instead of buying new
  • dust off your bicycle and use it for short (or long) trips
  • carpool with coworkers
  • use female products such as the divacup (no waste here) instead of plastic based pantiliners
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2 Responses to How are you protecting our earth for your progeny?

  1. priscilla says:

    i love this post! i’m nuts over cloth dipes, although i haven’t changed any yet…

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