How to Find Your Doula

Get referrals. Ask your childbirth class teacher, friends, and your care provider.

Check online. Well here you are. Check. Visit organization’s websites that train and certify doulas, such as

Interview several doulas before choosing one. Interviews can take place over the phone, but it is wiser to meet the doula in person. Youc an meet at a neutral ground for each of you, such as a local coffee shop or lunch spot, or in either your home or the doula’s. Imagine how this doula will fit in with the rest of your support team. Ask the doulas you interview for references.

If cost is a challenge, look for a doula-in-training, or ask the doulas they interview if they offer their services on a sliding scale. I am happy to provide referrals to other doulas, certified and training doulas.

Trust your intuition. Just as your intuition can guide you through birth and in parenting, it can also serve you well in this decision.

See my article, “Your Doula Interview” for questions to ask during your doula interviews.

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