“Your Best Birth” book review

From now on, when a woman tells me she is pregnant, or is planning on getting pregnant, my first question is, ‘how are you feeling?’ and my second question is ‘have you read “Your Best Birth?”‘  Ricki Lake and Abbi Epstein wrote this book as a response to their documentary, “The Business of Being Born.”  “Your Best Birth” is the perfect follow-up to the documentary that causes many women and their partners, after having watched it, to say “I could have a home birth.”  “Your Best Birth” undertakes all the emotions, questions, and frustrations with our culture’s maternity ward and puts them to good use.  It is a comprehensive, deep, yet not too in-depth, look at what your best birth could be and how to achieve it.  It is the perfect answer to the questions they prod out of you while watching “The Business of Being Born.”  Get it, read it, and call me when you have questions.

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