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The Natural Cesaraean by Jentle Childbirth

I post what I see. I saw this, and found it to be an intriguing alternative to our traditional cesareans performed routinely. I particularly am intrigued by their description and execution of “a ‘natural’ approach that mimics the situation at … Continue reading

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ACOG’s new VBAC guidelines: more options for more women

Good, no, great news for moms who have undergone a c section! ACOG has a new stance on trial of labor after c section and VBAC. ACOG’s new policy states that not only are women with low-transverse incisions with one … Continue reading

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Shortlist to Avoid a Cesarean

April is Cesarean Awareness Month, and an article I read recently stated that since VBAC’s (vaginal birth after cesarean) still have not completely caught on by the medical model (although research continues to show it is safer than a repeat … Continue reading

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C-Section rates for Tennessee Hospitals

Finally, facts for women about the c-section rate at your local hospital. These numbers are from 2008, but are better than nothing, which is what we had before. Thank you, thank you, for compiling and posting. This is so so … Continue reading

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“Have you had any procedures done to your cervix?”

Cervical Scar TIssue- A big issue that no one is talking about Continue reading

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“Rebirth of the Midwife” Article

A very well-written and informed piece about nurse-midwifery. An excellent source of information for any woman, especially those within childbearing years, found here Rebirth of the Midwife.

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“Your Best Birth” book review

From now on, when a woman tells me she is pregnant, or is planning on getting pregnant, my first question is, ‘how are you feeling?’ and my second question is ‘have you read “Your Best Birth?”‘  Ricki Lake and Abbi … Continue reading

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Planning a VBAC: in honor of Cesarean Awareness Month, the month of April

In encouraging women who are considering planning a VBAC, I recommend ICAN (Internation Cesarean Awareness Network: In exploring their pages further I found this fantastic list of the best way to prepare for a VBAC. I love that they also identify that although you can plan, we can’t predict what will actually happen. Some mother’s planned VBAC will become a CBAC. And this ok. I especially love the parts in the following about following The Brewer Diet, educating yourself through books and a preparation course, using a doula:), and relying on more non-medical methods to aid in labor. Here’s their list: Continue reading

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