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Natural, medicated, homebirth, or hospital birth; you may still want a Doula.

A doula is not only trained or experienced in homebirth or unmedicated births. Doulas are trained to support women and their partners through many different birth experiences and situations. Every woman, even if she is planning a medicated labor and … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Hospital Birth: Why We’re Scared

One of the most common rationalizations for the choice of couples wanting to give birth in the hospital is the number of emergency cesareans they hear about from all their friends who have recently had babies. Women will often say, … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Avoid an Episiotomy

An episiotomy is a surgical incision that is sometimes necessary to enlarge the vaginal opening to help deliver your baby. 1.  Hire a care provider who doesn’t do them. 2.  Use a doula. 3.  Give birth upright or in water. … Continue reading

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