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Birthing Naturally Website

I have been doing a little internet research into birthing mothers’ blogs. I came across this blog, . The author of the website is a doula, childbirth educator and has published at least one book about childbirth. Her website … Continue reading

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“Rebirth of the Midwife” Article

A very well-written and informed piece about nurse-midwifery. An excellent source of information for any woman, especially those within childbearing years, found here Rebirth of the Midwife.

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A Bit on Breastfeeding

I learned these from the book “Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn,” by Simkin, Whalley and Keppler.  If you enjoy reading, I would recommend this hefty over 400 page book for women early in their pregnancy.  It is comprehensive and loaded … Continue reading

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“Your Best Birth” book review

From now on, when a woman tells me she is pregnant, or is planning on getting pregnant, my first question is, ‘how are you feeling?’ and my second question is ‘have you read “Your Best Birth?”‘  Ricki Lake and Abbi … Continue reading

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Midwives Model of Care

At a recent birth I was greatly encouraged and impressed by the beautiful work done by a Certified Nurse Midwife at one of our local hospitals.  My client’s midwife was in tune with the birthing mother and allowed the mother … Continue reading

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Planning a VBAC: in honor of Cesarean Awareness Month, the month of April

In encouraging women who are considering planning a VBAC, I recommend ICAN (Internation Cesarean Awareness Network: In exploring their pages further I found this fantastic list of the best way to prepare for a VBAC. I love that they also identify that although you can plan, we can’t predict what will actually happen. Some mother’s planned VBAC will become a CBAC. And this ok. I especially love the parts in the following about following The Brewer Diet, educating yourself through books and a preparation course, using a doula:), and relying on more non-medical methods to aid in labor. Here’s their list: Continue reading

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A Link Between Sleep and Cesarean Rates

Although it seems perhaps too good to be true, a study has connected women who sleep more than 7 hours per night in the last month of pregnancy have a lower incidence rate of caesarean than women who regularly sleep … Continue reading

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