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OB common practices often based on opinion

In new study by Dr. Jason Wright and colleagues of Columbia University in New York, it is found that of 717 common OB-GYN practice recommendations from ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), just 30% are based on top-notch research. … Continue reading

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Getting to the nitty gritty of the Cesarean Rate

The c-section rate is still on the rise, up to 34%, and Dr. John Queenan predicts the rate will soon approach 50% in his article “How to Stop the Relentless Rise in Cesarean Deliveries,” published in August in Obstetrics and … Continue reading

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Alpha Childbirth: New Classes

I may not be able to accept doula clients at this time, but I am happy to be spending some of this sabbatical time delving deeper with Alpha: Christ Centered Childbirth Preparation. Gaylea and I are happy to say that … Continue reading

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Where am I?

I have been on a pregnancy and birth journey. I’m sorry to have been missing for so very long. The journey has been marked by hills, along with their coinciding valleys, which culminated in the birth of a beautiful baby … Continue reading

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Doing your kegels? Great, now stop and move on to squats.

This is relatively an old article. As in over a year, but less than two. To me, the layman, the argument makes sense. The interviewee, Katy Bowman, is a biomechanical scientist, who applies her knowledge to the human body. I … Continue reading

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The Natural Cesaraean by Jentle Childbirth

I post what I see. I saw this, and found it to be an intriguing alternative to our traditional cesareans performed routinely. I particularly am intrigued by their description and execution of “a ‘natural’ approach that mimics the situation at … Continue reading

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Their Birth Plan

This is old news. But some folks have been recently been interested in this. I had found their birth plan shortly after their letter about ‘no birth plans,’ but somehow failed to follow up with their plan for patients. So, … Continue reading

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Nitrous Oxide on it’s way back to the US market for laboring women

I was thrilled to have heard this on the radio news report yesterday! In the past year I have had more than a few clients asking me about it’s availability for their hospital births. Laughing gas takes the edge off … Continue reading

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What is safe during pregnancy?

And now, another informational resource for the preggers among us. The Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (let’s call them OTIS, and as if either of these titles have given you any clue as to what they do) has a wealth … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Legislation Needs Your Help and NOW

This bill deletes the age limitation in the statute that permits mothers to publicly breastfeed their children who are age 12 months or younger. ” Here is a link to the actual bill: Sen Faulk is the sole sponsor … Continue reading

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